This is NOT a Police initiative BUT a Private Nor-For-Profit Community Interest Company

Mission Statement

Community Roadwatch(UK) CIC (CRW) incorporating Speed Check Services (SCS) (and now LorryWatch) are services
being run by Residents independent to the Police in an attempt to primarily minimise vehicular risks caused by such issues as
speeding (including noise, vibration and pollution) and thus seeks to reduce injuries & deaths on their roads
with 'survival' being an option in the event of an impact.

It achieves this by providing services to accurately quantifying speeding to justify counter-measures
being initiated by Councils and the Police.

Also, by identifying commercial speeding or HCVs off route and politely alerting and working with Company Directors/CEOs/Owners, rather than the Police, CRW hopes to influence the behaviour of commercial-vehicle drivers whose speed or presence in residential 20, 30 or 40 mph zones
is not being or cannot be addressed by any current Police scheme or initiative.

This is a Community - not Police - initiative and does not report issues to the Police
except in most dangerous and extreme of circumstances unlike

CRW incorporates

Speed Monitoring Services -
That addresses Speeding aspects and Driver Behaviour beyond the scope of Speedwatch

Lorry Watch
That detects and addresses HCVs that may be infringing Weight Limits or causing nuisance

Volunteer to help (no commitment) by contacting:

CRW Volunteer Forms: as .doc | as .pdf

Companies caught speeding or off route or having drivers distracted by being on the Phone, Reading, Drinking, Eating or Smoking
will be advised of that event by letter and those that cooperate to prevent a recurrence
will be rewarded by being included on a 'RoadCare' List whilst others will be Listed simply as 'Infringements'.
on your Area Website: Goto to navigate to them

CRW, without the support or assistance of the Constabulary, aspires - by itself - to deal with the
following Threats to Life in our 20/30/40 zones as follows:

Cause for Concern/Threat to Life or Health Action Taken WITH EFFECT FROM 1 APRIL 2016
Speeding* by Any Identifiable Commercial Vehicle Letter to CEO/MD/Owner by Coord
Persistent or Serious Speeding* by Local Commercial Vehicle Publish details in this website
HGV Ignoring Weight Limits (1st time) Letters to Transport Managers/CEO/MDs/Owners by RATS
HGV Ignoring Weight Limits (Persistent) Reported by RATS to CCC Trading Standards (TS)
Commercial vehicle driver distracted (Phone, eating, smoking) Letter to CEO/MD/Owner by Coord
Local Car Driver seen 'Using a Mobile Phone' by 2 people. Publish details in this website
Driver Driving Dangerously/Recklessly with Threat to a Life Publish details in this website
Any Speeding by Taxis with Children on Board Letter to CEO/MD/Owner by Coord
Any Speeding by School Buses with Children on Board Letter to CEO/MD/Owner by Coord
Vehicle with blown/loud exhaust Reported by RATS via 101 for Police action
Vehicle with badly smoking exhaust Reported by RATS via 101 for Police action
HCV not on an HCV-Approved Route Request by RATS for justification from CEO
*Speeding is defined as at or over the ACPO Limit of 10%+2
Community Roadwatch - as an independent civil scheme - despite its being a 'Force for Good' - does all this by itself because it does not seek the endorsement or support of any Constabulary in any way, shape, or form as Constabularies already have their own own scope-limited Speedwatch and, whilst each attempts to contribute to Community Road Safety, each does so in entirely different ways. Nevertheless, it would appear that to ask a Constabulary to endorse two vehicular schemes could lead to confusion by the public so CRW, whilst totally willing to work with Police Speedwatch, does not wish to compromise it. Notwithstanding, reports/complaints made to the Police from CRW sessions are made by individual residents that do not represent anyone but themselves and hopefully will be treated by the Police without prejudice as it would a complaint from any other member of the public

This Site is still under construction as at 21 Mar 16 as ideas still come in from the Public

email: with your positive comments/ideas please

Company No: 10085683 Head Office 2a Chequers Court, Huntingdon, Cambs