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Cromwell Probus Club

St Ives, Cambridgeshire

A Probus club is a local association of retired and semi-retired professional and business people, and others who have had some measure of responsibility in any field of worthy endeavour, who are of character and respected in their communities. Clubs meet regularly for fellowship and an extension of their interests.
ProBus is an amalgam of the abbreviation of the words professional and business. It is also a Latin word meaning honest or virtuous, from which the English word “probity” is derived. Each Probus club is autonomous. There is no central organisation and each club sets its own rules.

Our Meetings

Cromwell Probus Club meets at Slepe Hall, St Ives

For Lunch on 3rd Thursday of each month @ 1215pm for 1230pm

For Coffee and a chat on 1st Wednesday of each month at 1030 am

Secretary: Alf Beazeley

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